Tools 4 Schools Program

SchoolBOX has empowered thousands of students and teachers across Nicaragua by building 83 classrooms, reconstructing 4 classrooms, and building 50 washrooms.

The reality in Nicaragua is that most schools in rural areas and poorer urban neighborhoods rely on parents to maintain and replace aging infrastructure and do school repairs. With over 39.1% of the population in Nicaragua that live on less than $2 per day, the repercussions of this system are obvious (World Bank, 2005).

SchoolBOX works with partner communities to provide the following:

1) Complete Classrooms: SchoolBOX works with the Ministry of Education, Municipal governments, community volunteers, international volunteers, and other organisations to build complete classrooms for communities in need. SchoolBOX is involved in every aspect of the construction, from prospecting and working with the ministry of education on paperwork, to the actual physical labour involved in construction.  Our construction team is always building so visit our projects page to learn more about what’s under construction today!

Before and after shots of La Cenicera School

2) Washrooms: Clean washroom facilities can be a big problem in Central America for students. Often children are forced to go to the washroom outside during classes, use the facilities of neighbours, or use broken down facilities within their existing schools. SchoolBOX works to build new dry washroom and wet washroom facilities for their partner school. This increases the level of hygiene and dignity for students and teachers.

_2012_29_07_Washroom Before _2012_29_07_WashroomAfter
Before and After shots of bathroom facilities of the Sagrado Corazon de Jesus School.

Check out our photo slideshow of the completed classrooms within the Tools 4 Schools Program:

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