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January 2014 – Sports Area at the Jennette Affleck School Completed

The final phase of construction at the Jennette Affleck School is complete! The sports area was finished in early January and is ready to be in use. This is a wonderful addition to the school along with the newest classroom for the upcoming school year which will start in February. The Jennette Affleck School was built in 2013 and includes four classrooms, a library, a sports area and a washroom.

This sports area would not have been possible without SchoolBOX Ambassadors Peter & Susan Grant and their many friends that they have shared their experience with. Through Susan & Peter, their network of friends and the Raymond James Foundation, playing field became a reality.

Sports areas are important for kids because it gives them a safe place to play. This is especially true in the wet season since it rains for hours everyday and the land turns to mud. With a concrete sports area kids can continue to play all year around!

_2014_02_04_Sports Area 1
The sports area is outfitted with painted lines and nets for soccer, the sport at the school.

_2014_04_02_Sports Area 2
The sports area is in the middle of the school grounds with classrooms on either side.