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February 2014 – Tracy’s Classroom will soon be a reality!

The Brisas de Acosasco school in Leon, Nicaragua is severely over capacity and desperately needs a new classroom.  SchoolBOX went to visit to the school this year and learned that due to the lack of infrastructure, many students could not enroll during the last school year.  Two teachers therefore decided to give classes to over 60 students outside under a tree!  Although the kids were relieved to be able to go to school, the conditions are simply not an adequate learning environment.  For example, classes have to be cancelled every time it rains.

Building Tracy’s classroom at Brisas de Acosasco will bring so much excitement, pride, and safety for the 320 students and 10 teachers at the school.  It is a wonderful way to ‘Make Education Possible’ for hundreds of kids in Tracy’s honour.

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_2014_19_02_tracy classroom 1
The children are so excited about Tracy’s Classroom

_2014_19_02_tracy classroom 2
Students are exposed to the elements on a daily basis as they study outside