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February 2014 – Calgary Community Provides Classroom!

SchoolBOX wants to thank all its supporters in Calgary for funding the fourth and final classroom at the Jennette Affleck School. This classroom was made possible through the generosity of the Calgary SchoolBOX community and Laura & Tod Hughes. Tod & Laura hosted an amazing SchoolBOX@Home fundraiser in 2013, which raised funds for the classroom, and awareness about the state of education in Nicaragua.

This new classroom is now home to dozens of young preschoolers in the Chague community. All of these children are thrilled to have a safe and secure place to learn. The Calgary SchoolBOX community is led by Jim David and Rita Boulet who have travelled to Nicaragua numerous times as volunteers.

This build was completed in December of 2013, and marked SchoolBOX’s 50th classroom.  It was not inaugurated until the new school year began this February, so all the studentscould be there to celebrate!

Calgary Classroom photo 1
The beautiful new Calgary classroom at the Jennette Affleck School is a place where all the preschoolers can learn.

Calgary Classroom photo 2
Three preschool students wait for their new classroom to be inaugurated.