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March 2014 – Jazmin Lopez Joins SchoolBOX as Programs Manager – Officially!

Jazmin Lopez has been one of the central unsung heroes of SchoolBOX over the past eight years.  When Tom Affleck began on his crazy mission to ‘Make Education Possible’ for kids in 2006 (it really was crazy at the time – he had no money), Jazmin and her husband Ronald (our Director), stepped up to help.  They offered the one room in their house with a floor to be SchoolBOX’s first office and a place for Tom to stay while in Nicaragua.

What is more, Jazmin believed in the dream.  She not only encouraged Tom and Ronald on their journey to start SchoolBOX, but she was one of SchoolBOX’s first donors – giving proceeds from the sales from her small business to help children receive school supplies.

It is not from a life of privilege that led Jazmin to be so passionate about our mission, but the very fact that she was one of Nicaragua’s most impoverished children herself.  Jazmin talks about how difficult it was to go to school without proper shoes or a school bag, but at least her mother and older sister were able to get her donated notebooks through their employers.  It was through those donated school supplies that allowed Jazmin to break the cycle of poverty, to go on to University and to become a successful businesswoman in Nicaragua.

We are so excited to announce Jazmin has officially joined the SchoolBOX team as our Programs Manager in Nicaragua.  She is absolutely thrilled to continue her work ‘Making Education Possible’ for thousands of kids!

Jazmin photo 1
Jazmin (right) helps Anielka prepare lunches in the community for our volunteers.

Jazmin photo 2
Jazmin has endeared herself so to many of our volunteers through her warm heart and generous nature.