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March 2014 – Jennette Affleck School Welcomed Back Schools Namesake

Jennette Affleck, the amazing mother of SchoolBOX founder Tom Affleck, lifetime educator, and honorary board member returned to Nicaragua this past month for her eighth trip with SchoolBOX.  She was honored at a special celebration in the community of Chague Dos, as they welcomed her back to their school, now named after her.

In 2013, Jennette was in Chague Dos, northwest Nicaragua, helping to build the new school for the community.  Working side by side community leaders, they learned of Jennette’s dedicated support for SchoolBOX and the children of Nicaragua.  Our Director, Ronald, shared about her work travelling across the country to build schools and provide educational supplies to kids for the past eight years.  That story, along with her vibrant spirit and positive attitude, led the leaders of Chague Dos to lobby our team to name their school ‘Jennette Affleck’.

We are so thankful for the dedication and love of Jennette.  We also really want to thank our friends, the Ambassadors, who so graciously allowed us to change the name of the school they funded to grant the community wishes.  It shows how grateful these communities really are for the help they receive for their kids.

Jennette School photo 2
Jennette Affleck with a student who presented a dance at the welcome ceremony at the Jennette Affleck School.

Jennette School photo 2 (2)
Jennette Affleck and Ronald Chavarria cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the fourth classroom at the Jennette Affleck School.