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March 2014 – Ambassadors & Friends Make Education Possible at TWO Schools

In March of 2014, two members of the Ambassador group from 2012, returned with friends to Make Education Possible once again! Peter & Susan Grant were part of the Ambassador Group that helped fund the Jennette Affleck School, after participating in a SchoolBOX Volunteer Experience. Along with several friends they also sponsored a sports area at the Jennette Affleck School.

The sports area was partially funded by the Raymond James Foundation. This initiative was led by three of the volunteers who currently work for Raymond James and encouraged the company to donate to SchoolBOX. Now, the students at the Jennette Affleck School have a fantastic place to play.

The eight volunteers in the Ambassadors and Friends group participated in the construction of the Brett #3 School in Jardines de Apoyo. Over the course of five days they made huge progress by filling in the floors, assembling rebar, chipping concrete for painting and helping construct walls.

Ambassadors photo 1
Harold and Ambassadors Susan & Peter on the construction site of Brett 3 in Jardines de Apoyo.

Ambasadors photo 2
Tina, Catherine and Paige of Raymond James in front of the Raymond James sports area at the Jennette Affleck School.