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March 2014 – Enrollment Rate Doubles at Brett #2 School!

Enrollment at the Brett #2 School in the ‘15 de septiembre’ community has doubled this new school year! At present, there are 244 students registered, while last year there were only 123 students enrolled. The school is so full that there are now two sessions of classes per day and the Ministry of Education is sending more teachers to keep up with demand. This demonstrates that young students are inspired to attend school when they have a safe and secure location to learn.

The SchoolBOX team in Nicaragua has also learned that there are now more girls enrolled at this school than boys. This is a huge triumph as many girls in previous years have stayed home to help with housework and they are now able to get a basic education.

The students are so happy that they have four new classrooms, washrooms and a sports area. This new school is a dream come true for the entire community.
Brett 2 Photo 1
Students of the Brett 2 School hold up a sign that says “Thanks to your help, our dreams have come true.”

Brett 2 Photo 2
Javier & Jonathan are two fourth grade students at the Brett #2 School.  Look how happy they are to have a new school!