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May 2014 – 300,000th Notebook Distributed

On April 9, 2014, SchoolBOX reached another milestone! The 300,000th notebook was provided to a deserving Nicaraguan student. The recipient is Argenis Ivan Rodriguez who is in fifth grade at the Concepcion “Conchita” Caldera School in Masaya. Argenis is one of seven children in his family and his home life is very difficult. Despite the challenges he has faced, he dreams of being a doctor so he can help those that are sick. In his spare time, he loves to play baseball and his favourite position to play is pitcher. It is wonderful that SchoolBOX’s 300,000th notebook has been delivered to such a dedicated student.

Argenis was very grateful for his educational supply package from SchoolBOX to help him continue his studies this year. Hear what he had to say at:

Every year SchoolBOX supports over 15,000 students and teachers with the supplies they need to keep learning. Every child receives a $5 package of notebooks, pencils, eraser, ruler and sharpener to use as they continue their studies that year. More info at:

300000th Notebook 1
Argenis stands proudly with his school supply package, SchoolBOX’s 300,000th notebook.

Conchita Caldera Class
The fifth grade class at the Concepcion “Conchita” Caldera School celebrate with their new school supply packages.