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May 2014 – Annual Report for 2013 Published!

SchoolBOX had so much to celebrate in 2013.  All the ways that SchoolBOX is ‘Making Education Possible’ can be found in the 2013 Annual Report which is now available online. Some of the accomplishments include the construction of our 50th classroom, double enrolment at the Brett 2 School, and 11 new mini-libraries for SchoolBOX partner Schools!

To read more about SchoolBOX’s activities and programs in 2013 and where we plan to go from here, read our full Annual Report.

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Annual Report Photo 1
A bright young student of the new Brett #2 School.  After construction was completed, the enrolment has doubled.

Annual Report Photo 2
Students at the Jennette Affleck School show off their new library books with excitement!