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May 2014 – Unplugged 4 SchoolBOX

Going tech free can be quite a challenge but dozens of kids and adults took on the task to Make Education Possible for kids in Nicaragua. Participants put away their cell phones, iPods, video games, and switched off their computers and televisions. They took pledges to stay away from their gadgets for 30 hours.

Avid SchoolBOX supporter and event organizer, Christena Holden, rallied together the community and local businesses to provide activities like origami, writing workshops and chocolate testing for those taking part in the fundraiser.

Although it was difficult to be unplugged for 30 hours, the participants embraced the challenge in order to empower children in Nicaragua to get a basic education.

Christena’s drive and leadership helped make this event a success.  She plans to run this event again.  Muchas Gracias! We can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful event next year!

Unplugged 1
James Horne with his mom, Michelle Horne. James was a superstar fundraiser bringing in $160 in pledges for the event in less than 30 minutes!


Unplugged 2
A tour of Hummingbird Chocolate was one of the many activities offered as part of the event