Image00001 2014 Build Projects

Jardines de Apoyo School Build

Location: Masaya, Nicaragua
4 classrooms, 3 washrooms, 1 playing field, classroom tools (desks, chairs, whiteboard)
Total Project Cost – $83,000

The “Jardines de Apoyo” School is located in Central America in South West Nicaragua. It is a rural community located near the city of Masaya, 25 minutes from the capital Managua. This school resembles a village of tents with its lack of classrooms and adequate bathrooms. The community is extremely poor, and the new school will provide a beacon of hope.

The majority of families in this area work in clothing factories that are a long distance away. They work long hours for a small wage, and must grow crops in order to provide enough food to feed their families.  A new school in the community can help break the cycle of poverty

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