Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Marcos Lainez School (55th classroom):

Completion Date: July 2014
Community: Troilo, Nicaragua
Region: Leon, Nicaragua
# of students: 32
# of teachers: 1
# of classrooms built: 1
# of washrooms:  2 restored

The Need: In April of 2014, an earthquake struck Nicaragua. Communities close to the epicenter suffered a lot of damage. One of the communities affected by the earthquake was the community of Troilo in Leon, in the Northwest of Nicaragua. The community contained a school called Marcos Lainez, that was damaged beyond repair. The school was so unstable and unsafe after the earthquake that it needed to be demolished. The school moved their classes to a borrowed house on an emergency basis. The Ministry of Education in Leon contacted SchoolBOX with an urgent need to help with the construction of a new school for the community.  Most families in this community have informal employment in child care, farming and other non stable odd jobs, and a new school will go a long way towards promoting the importance of education within the community.

Stories from the Build: SchoolBOX was welcomed with open arms into the community. The entire SchoolBOX team, and international volunteers were welcomed directly into the homes of the community members. SchoolBOX and the Troilo community welcomed the University of Calgary Cares group, and a group of volunteers from Ottawa representing the Amazing People Gala sponsored by CTV. All of the volunteers loved their interaction with the children of the community, and their experience was unforgettable.

The Finished Product: On July 14th 2014, the Marcos Lainez School was completed. The school was completed just over 3 months after the earthquake that destroyed the original school. The children, teachers, and parents were happy that they there was now a new, safe and secure school to study in. SchoolBOX also restored and painted two washrooms to improve the sanitation for the school and the community.

The Aftermath: The Marcos Lainez School will be receiving a Books 4 Kids mini-library and teacher training in the coming months. SchoolBOX also delivered educational packages to the school earlier in the year, and will continue to do so into the future.

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Marcos Photo 2
Marcos Lainez School Before

Marcos Lainez with kids 400
Marcos Lainez School After

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