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June 2014 – Breaking Ground on the Next Gala School

In early June, the SchoolBOX construction crew headed to Leon to prepare for the construction of our 55th classroom. The Marcos Lainez School was built in 1965. In April, devastating earthquakes struck the region and the school was damaged beyond repair. The walls simply fell out of the structure and the roof had to be removed. In the interim,  32 students are using a dark and crowded one room home as a temporary school.

SchoolBOX is thrilled to be able to help this community rebuild their school. Many parents have informal employment in agriculture with low wages, and are stuck in the cycle of poverty.  A new school represents a beacon of hope for the children of this community.  With a new school, they will have the chance at a better life.

This school is being made possible by funds from the CTV Amazing People Gala this past February. The CTV Amazing People Gala has also awarded six scholarships for Ottawa area youth to go to Nicaragua to help build this school.  The group of youth, along with SchoolBOX champions Eric Collard, and Michelle Kay head to Nicaragua at the end of June.

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Marcos Photo 1
‘University of Calgary Cares’ group leaders Dave Vaughan (left) and Renee Sperling (second from right) help place the ceremonial first bricks at the Marcos Lainez School with SchoolBOX Programs Manager Jazmin Lopez (second from left) and representatives of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education.

Marcos Photo 2
After earthquakes in April, the walls of the school literally fell out of the structure leaving it unsafe to be used by students and teachers