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June 2014 – University of Calgary Cares

This June, a group 10 students and two leaders from the University of Calgary took on a new challenge. Instead of using their summer break for rest and relaxation, they chose to come to Nicaragua to help build a school in an impoverished community. This group of bright and enthusiastic students worked hard to lay the foundation of the Gala School. From digging foundation holes and assembling rebar to filling the holes with concrete, they certain gave it their all.  It was surprising that they had enough energy to play soccer with the kids after a long day of construction!

A big thanks to the leader of the group Dave Vaughan, a returning volunteer and champion for SchoolBOX. The group truly embraced the experience. One volunteer outlined that, “It’s really hard to pin point exactly what experience was truly the most impactful. I would probably say, being able to hear about the children’s hopes and dreams for the future and being able to build their school beside them. They were just as excited about the opportunity for education as we were to help.”

U Cal Photo 1
‘The University of Calgary Cares’ group stands with the SchoolBOX construction crew and children from the Marcos Lainez Community, as they celebrate their amazing build progress.

U Cal Photo 2
After one week of construction, the foundation holes have been dug and the rebar and footings are in place.