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July 2014 – Brett #3 School Complete

On July 3, 2014, the Brett #3 School in the community of Jardines de Apoyo, was officially inaugurated.  The joyous celebration was attended by members of the Ministry of Education, teachers, parents, students, SchoolBOX staff, and a group of 13 international volunteers from Canada.

The community organized an amazing surprise for the inauguration ceremony.  The entire audience was treated to great music from a band, and a parade involving all the students that would attend the new school.  Over 300 people came to the event, and the highlight was the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Ariel Martinez was especially excited about the new school.  Ariel proclaimed proudly that, “I am happy for our new school.  We will no longer be covered in rain and dust when we learn!

The students could not contain their excitement when they rushed into the new classrooms for the first time.  The majority of the students had only ever taken classes under borrowed tents at their old school.  The students were excited as they would now have a safe and secure place to study.

The 4 classroom/3 washroom/1 playing field school was unveiled to the large crowd, and many tears of joy were shed.  The crowd was treated to emotional speeches by SchoolBOX staff, the Ministry of Education, students, parents, and teachers.

The benefiting community was especially grateful to the Brett Bentley Crawford Foundation, and Building Walls of Wisdom for sponsoring the construction of the classrooms and washrooms.  They were astounded that so many donors and supporters came together to support their small community.

SchoolBOX wishes to thank all of their supporters and volunteers for ‘Making Education Possible’ through the construction of the Brett #3 School.  Thanks to your amazing support, 108 students and 4 teachers now have a new school to call home.

brett 3.3
The Brett Bentley Crawford Foundation was instrumental in driving support for the new school

brett 3.1
Building Walls of Wisdom and their supporters helped sponsor one classroom at the Brett #3 School.

brett 3.2
The students are loving their new safe, secure, and clean classrooms.  The community will enjoy this school for generations.

brett 3.4
The completed Brett #3 School.  108 students and 4 teachers will enjoy this new school.