Image00001 Completed Classrooms

Brett Bentley Crawford School #3 (51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th classrooms):

Completion Date: July 2014
Community: Jardines de Apoyo
Region: Masaya, Nicaragua
# of students: 108
# of teachers: 4
# of classrooms built: 4
# of washrooms: 5
1 playing field

The Need: The school had been there for 14 years and resembled a village of tents and shed-like structures. Most of the residents were relocated to the village after a landslide had destroyed their homes several years ago. Parents work long hours for low wages at clothing factories and often rely on subsistence farming to put food on the table. About 80% of children in the community live with single parents.

Stories from the Build: The construction team was overwhelmed by the community support and participation in the build. From the very first day, children, parents, teachers and other community members were coming out in their spare time to help in whatever way they could. The four volunteer groups from the community were also fantastic workers and inspirations to the students.

The Finished Product: In May of 2014, SchoolBOX put the final touches on the Brett #3 School. Students were thrilled to get into their new school and have a safe place to receive classes with proper desks, chairs and whiteboards.

The Aftermath: Students have a sports area to play and will be receiving a mini-library as part of SchoolBOX’s Books 4 Kids Program. SchoolBOX also delivered educational packages to the schools and will continue to do so annually for years to come.

Jardines de Apoyo School Before

brett 3 outside 400
Brett #3 School After

brett 3.4
Larger photo of the Brett #3 School including the sports area

brett 3 classroom 400
Children learning in their clean, safe, and comfortable classroom at the Brett #3 School

For additional photos, see the slideshow below: