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July 2014 – Marcos Lainez School Complete – Celebrating SchoolBOX Classroom #55

SchoolBOX was overjoyed to inaugurate the Marcos Lainez School in Leon on July 14, 2014.  It marked the culmination of an emotional 3 months for the community of Troilo near Leon in North West, Nicaragua.  On April 10, 2014, a powerful earthquake struck, and the Marcos Lainez School was damaged beyond repair.  The children were forced to move to a borrowed home to receive classes. The conditions were uncomfortable, but the children were determined to get a basic education.

The Ministry of Education contacted SchoolBOX as soon as they learned of the dire situation of the school. SchoolBOX assessed the situation, and made quick changes to their 2014 build plan.  Using funds from the Amazing People Gala, presented by CTV that took place in February of this year, SchoolBOX was able to fund the construction of the school in short order.

The community welcomed two amazing groups of volunteers that helped construct the school.  25 volunteers from the University of Calgary Cares and Amazing People Gala groups worked tirelessly to construct the school.  They interacted with students, teachers, and parents of the community, stressing the importance of getting an education.  The experience was life-changing for both the volunteers and the benefiting community.

SchoolBOX would like the thank the entire organizing committee, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors of the Amazing People Gala for their contribution to the Marcos Lainez School.  Thanks to their support, we were able to complete construction of a school 3 months after it was destroyed by the earthquake.

Marcos Photo 2
Marcos Lainez School after the earthquake

Marcos Lainez with kids 400
Students were so excited for their new school.

Marcos Lainez classroom 2 400
Students have a well ventilated and bright classroom to study in