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August 2014 – Reconstruction Begins at Los Velasquez School

Los Velasquez School is a rural school located in the North of Nicaragua. When SchoolBOX visited the school in the summer of 2013, we saw that the school required an urgent reconstruction.  The building was not very well ventilated, and it was very dark. This made it very difficult for the children to learn and to concentrate during lessons.

It was determined that a reconstruction of the 2 classroom school could have the same impact as a completely new construction from the ground up. The foundation and the actual structure of the school were sound and strong.  SchoolBOX decided to raise the roof, and open up the walls to create windows for better ventilation and lighting.

On July 16th, the SchoolBOX construction crew was warmly welcomed by the community and the reconstruction project started. The entire community was eager to help with the reconstruction despite the many challenges within the community.  There is no running water in the community, but all members of the community help fill up barrels every night, so that cement can be mixed the next day.

SchoolBOX wishes to thank ‘Les Femmes d’Europe’ for providing the funding for the reconstruction of Los Velasquez School.  This project demonstrates how SchoolBOX is ‘Making Education Possible’ by thinking creatively and empowering through a classroom reconstruction.

For more information on the Los Velasquez School, please click here:

los velasquez 1
Reconstruction begins at the Los Velasquez School

los velasquez 2
The SchoolBOX construction crew is hard at work