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September 2014 – Inspirational Volunteers in August

Our August volunteer group landed in Nicaragua with tons of energy to tackle building the Shirley Case #3 School in the La Pintora Community. They were a small group, but had an amazing amount of heart. The children in the community instantly fell in love with each member of the international volunteer group. As soon as they got to the community, the kids started running towards them and started hugging them.

The children could not get enough of the volunteer group, so a deal was struck that the children had to study hard in school, and could play and interact with the vounteer group at recess and after school. The group played soccer, jumped ropes, played frisbee, and baseball with the children and the community of La Pintora.

The volunteer group worked hard at making rebar, digging holes, shovelling cement, and moving concrete blocks in order to contribute to the new school. They were happy and humbled that the children, and other community members were also volunteering. They interacted with the parents and teachers and talked about the importance of getting a basic education in order to realize one’s dreams. The Canadian volunteers also gained a lot from the experience, as they now understood the state of education in Nicargua, and the daily struggle that the children must face to go to school. They left Nicaragua completely transformed.

The Shirley Case School is slated to be finished in mid September, and even though the volunters will be back home the community will be thinking of them.

We would love to host you in Nicaragua in our International Volunteer Program. Please go to for more information.

The August volunteer group laying the ceremonial first bricks at the Shirley Case #3 School.

Celebrating after a hard day of work!