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September 2014 – Los Velasquez School Reconstruction Complete!

Aug 18th was a great day in the Los Velasquez community in Nicaragua.  Screams of joy were heard from miles around, as children streamed into their new school.  The parents, teachers, and students could not hide their excitement that they now had a safe and secure school that can be used for generations to come.

When SchoolBOX visited the school last year, they observed a dark, and dirty school with no ventilation.  Only kindergarten students were attending classes as they could not walk alone to the other school outside of the community. SchoolBOX Director, Ronald Chavarria quickly noted that the existing structure and walls of the school were sound, and could be salvaged.  It was decided that instead of a completely new construction, the school could be reconstructed and refurbished .  SchoolBOX completely transformed the old structure by raising the ceiling, putting in a new roof, reinforcing remaining walls, putting in windows and  new doors, and slapping on a fresh coat of paint.

Now that the school is complete, the Ministry of Education is sending another teacher to the school and the school will expand to accept children all the way up to Grade 3.  What an amazing impact!

SchoolBOX wishes to thank a great group of ladies known as ‘Les Femmes d’Europe’ for providing a grant to reconstruct the school. The entire Los Velasquez community is eternally grateful for all the support provided.

The Los Velasquez School before was dirty, dark, and lacked ventilation.


The newly reconstructed Los Velasquez School is bright, clean, and a great learning environment!