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October 2014 – Ascencion Oviedo Construction Update

Construction at the Ascencion Oviedo School in Chinendega, Nicaragua is well underway.  Two classrooms are currently being  built.  The first classroom is about 65% complete, just needing doors, the roof, the floor and a fresh coat of paint.  The second classroom is about 25% complete.

The SchoolBOX construction team, along with community volunteers have been working hard through terrible weather conditions to complete the classrooms.  Construction was completely halted for 11 straight days, as the rains did not stop.  The current string of rains illustrate the necessity for a safe and secure place for the children of this community to study in.

SchoolBOX wishes to thank ‘Building Walls of Wisdom’ and their supporters as well as the Calgary Community for generously providing the funds to construct these two classrooms.

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The community is overjoyed that they will soon have two brand new classrooms for their school

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Construction has been steadily progressing, but has been slowed down due to heavy rains