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November 2014 – Ascencion Oviedo School Inaugurated!

November 17, 2014 was a joyous occasion for the Ascencion Oviedo community in Nicaragua. Hundreds of students were on hand to welcome a volunteer group from Canada that was on hand to celebrate the inauguration of two new classrooms.

The students and teachers are so happy that they have two brand new classrooms, as they suffered a horrible rainy season this year. Construction was delayed several times over the last few months and by last count, the SchoolBOX construction team was delayed 11 days due to heavy rains.  Our construction team worked overtime to finish the classrooms for this amazing community.

Previously, the school was so overcrowded that students were learning under makeshift roofs beside other classrooms and sometimes under the shade of trees in the school yard.  The rainy season caused many students to miss classes as there was a lack of areas that shielded them from the rain.

SchoolBOX wishes to thank their amazing partners Building Walls of Wisdom and the Calgary Community for sponsoring both of the classrooms. Their generosity and dedication to SchoolBOX is empowering the children of Nicaragua to get a basic education!

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The classrooms at the Ascencion Oviedo School before

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The classrooms at the Ascencion Oviedo School after