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November 2014 – Successful Soccer Dreams Season!

SchoolBOX held their final Soccer Dreams tournament of the season on Saturday November 29th on the Island of Ometepe. It was the 6th tournament held by SchoolBOX in Nicaragua this year. Each SchoolBOX Soccer Dreams tournament involves 4 teams comprised of 5 girls and 5 boys.  The schools are all provided training workshops prior to the tournament.  These tournaments serve as an incentive for children to attend school and to do well!

This tournament was originally scheduled at the beginning of November, but it was postponed due to floods caused by heavy rains. SchoolBOX re-visited the schools on Ometepe Island to conduct soccer training workshops at the end of November before the actual Soccer Dreams tournament to review basic soccer skills and the rules of the game.

The students were so excited to playing against students from other schools. They really demonstrated a lot of students spirit. The Delegate of the Ministry of Education attended the tournament and she gave the children a speech on the importance of education. She outlined the importance of sport and recreation for students in Nicaragua.

The Rigoberto Cabezas ultimately won the tournament, but the three other schools (La Flor Nicarao, San Jose del Sur and Los Angeles Esquipulas) all had a great experience.

SchoolBOX wishes to thank Jobs in Education for sponsoring the 2014 Soccer Dreams season. Their support was able to empower 24 schools and 120 girls and 120 boys to get a basic education through sport.

Isla de Ometepe
The 4 teams line at the start of the Ometepe Island Soccer Dreams tournament.

Rigoberto Cabezas
The winning team, Rigoberto Cabezas, celebrates with SchoolBOX’s David Pavon.