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January 2015 – Shirley Case #3 School Progress

The Shirley Case #3 School in the La Pintora community was completed in September of 2014. The community was overjoyed that they they had a safe and secure location for their children to learn in.

Originally their school was completely destroyed by an earthquake in April of 2014. For a few months, the children and teachers were forced to use an old chicken coop as a makeshift classroom. Their temporary classrooms were horrendous, as they did not protect the students from the dust, wind or rain.

After the construction, the Ministry of Education, community members and school director met with SchoolBOX. They outlined that enrolment was scheduled to increase at the beginning of the new school year in February and that their single classroom school was already crowded with 35+ students, 2 teachers and a library.

SchoolBOX agreed to build another classroom for this community and started the building process in January of 2015. The progress has been astounding and the classroom is well on its way to being completed before the start of the new school year in February.

An amazing thanks goes out to the Shirley Case family and her superninjas who helped raise funds for the first and second classrooms of the school. Your amazing commitment towards preserving the legacy of Shirley and to SchoolBOX has empowered countless children in Nicaragua to get a basic education.

The construction team and community volunteers are working hard to complete the second classroom of the Shirley Case #3 School.

Carlos and Mario of the SchoolBOX construction team work on the classroom floor

The classroom will be complete by the start of the new school year in February