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February 2015 – First Volunteer Group of 2015!

February was a joyous month for SchoolBOX, as we welcomed our first volunteer group of the year into Nicaragua. Twelve volunteers from Canada, the United States and Costa Rica visited SchoolBOX community schools and worked hard constructing the Tomas Borge School in Tipitapa.

The volunteer experience was special for all involved. Dina Bell-Laroche and her husband Pierre were able to pitch in to help build Tracy’s Classroom in memory of Dina’s late sister Tracy. Jannelle Wilkins, her sister Darlene and friend Russ were also on hand during the build and are fundraising to build a library to honour Jannelles late husband Rick.

It was a beautiful moment as two families came together to celebrate the lives of two amazingly wonderful human beings.

The team worked hard throughout the week and made a lot of progress on the classroom, but their biggest impact was through engaging and encouraging children within the community to get a basic education.

Thanks to all involved for ‘Making Education Possible’!

Dina Bell-Laroche enjoying her time with the children at the Brett #2 School

Jannelle Wilkins enjoying a laugh with the kids!