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February 2015 – Inauguration of Los Salgados School

On February 26th, the community of Los Salgados joined the SchoolBOX team in inaugurating their new 2-classroom school. A large gathering of students, parents and teachers participated in a beautiful ceremony to celebrate a new beginning in the community.

As SchoolBOX Director, Ronald Chavarria, cut the ceremonial ribbon, students, teachers and parents ran into the new classroom and were overwhelmed with emotion. The school is a beacon for hope in this impoverished community.

Rosa Olivas has been a community teachers at Los Salgados School for the past 15 years. She told the SchoolBOX team that she was overjoyed with the new school as she had been moving from house to house to teach the students over the lifetime of the school. They were even forced to learn in a goat barn at one point!

The entire SchoolBOX team and the Los Salgados Community is happy for the amazing support of the November 2014 international volunteer group lead by Christena Holden and also for the support of Acorra Village and Ron Arsenault and Joan Wyatt. Without their support, the school would not be possible!

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The children of Los Salgados Community enjoying their brand new school. One classroom was made possible by Accora Village.

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The second classroom was made possible due to the generosity of Ron Arsenault and Joan Wyatt. The classroom was dedicated to Eugene and Marjorie Wyatt.