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February 2015 – Jennette Affleck – 10th Volunteer trip with SchoolBOX

February 2015 was a special time for longtime SchoolBOX volunteer Jennette Affleck. It marked the 10th volunteer trip that she has attended in Nicaragua since SchoolBOX began in 2006.

Jennette has been instrumental in the creation and development of SchoolBOX as an organization from the early days until present. At the beginning she was hopping on chicken buses to hand out pencils and notebooks to children across Nicaragua with her son, Tom Affleck. She eventually joined the SchoolBOX Board of Directors to help SchoolBOX grow strategically. Throughout the years, she has always made time to get her hands dirty and to help build a classroom with SchoolBOX in Nicaragua.

On Wednesday February 18th, the SchoolBOX team, international volunteers and the delegate from the Ministry of Education in Tipitapa surprised Jennette to thank her for her ten years of service to the children of Nicaragua. Jennette was overwhelmed with emotion, as she did not even know that she had volunteered ten years with SchoolBOX!

She was presented with a certificate from the Ministry of Education and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. SchoolBOX Director, Ronald Chavarria and Jonathan Tam spoke to Jennette and outlined what a fantastic impact she has had on SchoolBOX and the children of Nicargua. Without her grace, generosity and kindness, SchoolBOX would not be around today!

On behalf of the entire SchoolBOX family of donors and supporters as well as the tens of thousands of children that SchoolBOX has helped across Nicaragua since 2006, we are humbled by Jennette’s service.

jennette 1
Jennette Affleck enjoying a day with the students at the Jennette Affleck School in Leon.

jennette 2
Jennette’s positive attitude and love for the children of Nicaragua has been a blessing for SchoolBOX.