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February 2015 – Inauguration at the Shirley Case #3 School

The La Pintora Community was filled with joy on March 6th, as SchoolBOX inaugurated the 2nd classroom at the Shirley Case #3 School. Since the first classroom was built, registration has steadily increased. With a mini library and a school full of students, SchoolBOX worked to build a second classroom.

The community put on a beautiful presentation, including dancing and songs and were completely humbled by the support that they received from SchoolBOX and the Shirley Case family and her Superninjas. SchoolBOX Director, Jonathan Tam, spoke to the students, teachers and parents about Shirley Case and how she lived her life to serve others. He recounted several personal experiences that he had with Shirley’s family as well as her friends and volunteers that helped build the first 2 schools in her honour.

SchoolBOX is so thankful for all of the supporters of the Shirley Case Schools in Nicaragua. To date, they have supported Nicaragua with 3 schools (8 classrooms in total), 4 mini libraries, educational supply packages and desks & chairs for other partner schools.

Shirley’s legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of students that are empowered through her schools on an annual basis.

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SchoolBOX Director, Ronald Chavarria cuts the ceremonial ribbon opening the second classroom at the Shirley Case #3 School.  Students rushed into the classroom with excitement!

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Shirley’s 3rd School is so beautiful. The community is so happy to have a safe and secure learning environment to enjoy for generations to come.