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March 2015 – Students in Nicaragua Volunteer & Empower their Peers!

High school students from the Bella Cruz school sprang into action earlier this week (March 26, 2015) to help package school supplies for SchoolBOX’s Supplies 4 Success Program. Due to a problem with a supplier, SchoolBOX received their delivery of notebooks late and needed a helping hand to package the educational packages for delivery. With the help of these students, SchoolBOX plans to have all of their educational packages ready for delivery within the next few days!

The high school students were all excited about the opportunity to help others within Nicaragua and knew how lucky they were to be studying in high school. Many of them plan on helping frequently with SchoolBOX and also with the construction at their current school. SchoolBOX is proud and inspired by these students and hopes to capture their enthusiasm and expand their base of volunteers within Nicaragua.

SchoolBOX Director of Marketing, Jonathan Tam, was overwhelmed by the support. “It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm displayed by these Nicarguan volunteers. They were so conscious of the issues within their country and wanted to find a way to help. I believe that our family of supporters around the world would be so proud to hear about these amazing young people.”

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Students from the Bella Cruz School were so happy to lend a helping hand to SchoolBOX