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April 2015 – Grieving Differently

Tracy’s Hope Classroom was inaugurated on March 21st of this year.  It was opened as part of the Thomas Borge school in a small and impoverished community just outside of Tipitapa in Nicaragua.  The opening of the school not only improved the lives of the 43 children that now attend the school, but it helped a family grieve the loss of someone special.

Tracy Lee Nolan died 14 years ago of cancer at the young age of 29. Her family decided to honour her memory by building a classroom in her name with SchoolBOX. The process of raising funds for the classroom, physically helping to build the school and the classroom completion has been an incredible tool for Tracy’s family and friends to deal with the grief of losing her.

Please read this thought provoking and interesting article written about Tracy’s Classroom and her family’s jourey.

The completed Tracy’s Hope Classroom at the Thomas Borge School in Tipitapa

Celebrations as Tracy’s Hope Classroom in inaugurated