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June 2015 – Team Building Breakfast

The SchoolBOX team had a great team building breakfast at the beginning of June. Joined by SchoolBOX Acting Executive Director, Michelle Kay, the team feasted on a typical Nicaraguan breakfast (fried eggs, cheese, tortillas, avocados, fruit, gallo pinto and fresh cream).

The breakfast was special as the team talked about their families and what they liked about working for SchoolBOX. It was also a great chance for the construction workers to share some great stories from their time in the communities. It was a chance for everyone to learn a little bit more about each other.

SchoolBOX loves to have regular employee get togethers and team building events throughout the year. It is a good chance to unwind and get to know the team in an informal setting.

The entire SchoolBOX team at the team building breakfast in early June