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June 2015 – Celebrating Notebook #400,000

The entire SchoolBOX community and the Bella Cruz School celebrated a fantastic milestone on June 15. A student at the soon to be completed Brett #4 School was the lucky recipient of notebook #400,000.

SchoolBOX Acting Executive Director, Michelle Kay, was on hand for this historic moment, as she handed out the notebook to Jennifer Varela. Kay stated, “It was a privilege and an honour to hand out the 400,000th notebook to such a deserving student. Jennifer is working hard and is a great example to all of the students at her school and within her community!”

Jennifer is the top student in Grade 5 at her school and she realizes the necessity of getting a basic education. She knows that she is one of the lucky few students in Nicaragua who is completing their primary education.

The talented 10 year old student sings, plays the flute, all while maintaining excellent marks at school. Her goal is to become a pediatrician so that she can help keep the children in her community healthy. Jennifer was so proud to receive the 400,000th notebook and also thanked all of the donors for making the 6 classroom block at her school possible.

SchoolBOX wishes to thank all of their supporters and donors for their support. When SchoolBOX founder, Tom Affleck handed out the first notebook and pencil to a little girl in 2006, he could never have imagined that we would have delivered this milestone notebook.

Thanks for ‘Making Education Possible’!

SchoolBOX Acting Executive Director, Michelle Kay, with Jennifer Varela as she receives notebook #400,000

Michele Kay and Jennifer Varela celebrating notebook #400,000 with her entire Grade 5 class.

SchoolBOX Director of Operations, Ronald Chavarria and Jennifer Varelo