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July 2015 – Visiting Robinson

The June 2015 volunteer group from Havergal College in Toronto had the pleasure of visiting the community of Monte Olivo last month. The community is the site of the 4 classroom Shirley Case School that was built in 2011.

During the visit, the volunteer group met Robinson and his sister Jania. Robinson was an elementary school drop out in 2011, when SchoolBOX first met him. Our volunteers kept on encouraging him to attend school and he eventually re-enrolled in classes.

Robinson is now a leader within the community.  He is no longer shy and is confident. He is currently in Grade 5 and doing very well in his studies. He takes inspiration from his friends who have since graduated into high school. He wants to some day enroll in high school and eventually university.

During the visit, Robinson showed the volunteers where the school used to be and gave an impromptu tour of the community. He told the volunteers how happy he was to be studying.

The entire SchoolBOX community is so happy that Robinson and his sister Jania continue to attend school. His perseverance is an amazing example to everyone in his community.

Jania, Robinson and SchoolBOX’s Jon Tam at the site of the Shirley Case School in Monte Olivo