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July 2015 – Shirley Case Remembered

Shirley Case was a true Canadian hero. She dedicated her life to helping others around the world. In 2008, she was tragically killed while doing humanitarian work in Afghanistan. Since her death, her family and friends have chosen to remember her by helping others.

A group of Shirley’s supporters known as the Superninjas, made up of Shirley Case’s family, friends and others that were inspired by her work, have helped support SchoolBOX since 2010.  Since that time, 3 schools, 4 mini-libraries, education supply kits and furniture has been provided to the children of Nicaragua in her name. Her family and friends even travelled down to Nicaragua to help build the schools.

A mural was recently started in Shirley’s home town of 100 Mile House in British Colombia, Canada. It depicts her life and her positive impact on those around her. There is a planned extension of the mural to show children who helped build her school in Nicaragua in 2011.

SchoolBOX is extremely proud to have been a part of Shirley Case’s legacy and hopes that her mural will continually inspire people around the world to help others.

To read more about Shirley’s mural, please click here.

Children at Shirley Case’s first school in Monte Olivo, Nicaragua receiving their educational packages.