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July 2015 – Soccer Dreams Season Kicks Off

SchoolBOX was proud to kick off their Soccer Dreams season in July with two tournaments in Masaya and El Sauce, as well as several training sessions at each school. In total 163 girls and boys participated in the training sessions across 8 schools in the two regions. Each training session involved learning the basics of soccer and practising drills with the SchoolBOX staff. Children are encouraged to co-operate, interact with their classmates and show good team spirit. Only children with a good attendance record are allowed to participate in these soccer training sessions.

The best 5 girls and 5 boys from these sessions were selected to play in a regional Soccer Dreams tournament a few days later against 3 other area schools. This was the first year the SchoolBOX held two training sessions for each school. The SchoolBOX team of Hector Ortiz, David Pavon, Luis Garcia and Carlos Garcia were happy to develop a closer relationship with the students at the participating schools.  By having more contact with the students, SchoolBOX staff are able to re-enforce the importance of attending school and studying hard to students. This has proven to help children stay in school.

During the tournament in Masaya, the Brett #3 School (Jardines de Apoyo) were victorious, and during the El Sauce tournament, the Ruben Dario School were the eventual winners.

All of the students that participated in the training sessions and Soccer Dreams tournament had a great time and look forward to participating next year. The entire SchoolBOX team is happy to be holding 4 more Soccer Dreams tournaments in the month of August and September.

Thanks to all of our donors for ‘Making Education Possible’!

el sauce
The El Sauce Soccer Dreams champions – Ruben Dario

The Masaya Soccer Dreams champions – Jardines de Apoyo