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August 2015 – Searching for Build Projects in 2016

SchoolBOX Nicaraguan Director of Operations, Ronald Chavarria is always on the look out for new school build projects. To date, we are finishing our 70th classroom in Nicaragua.

The goal of our Tools 4 Schools program is to provide much needed infrastructure to community’s in need. There are so many students in Nicaragua learning under trees, in borrowed houses or in make-shift structures built by their parents.

The SchoolBOX team has been working in conjunction with the Ministry of Education in Nicaragua throughout the year to identify partner communities to build schools for 2016. Some of these schools are in very rural areas where education may not be a priority for many families. The goal is go provide a safe and secure classroom for students in the community, so that students are encouraged to stay in school and others are encouraged to re-enroll.

Stay tuned to this website for more details on our 2016 school build projects.

Students at the Mirna Martinez School in Masaya, one of the proposed projects for 2016.