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November 2015 – Leila’s Earrings

SchoolBOX champion Leila personifies the term selfless. The 10 year old Toronto native started making earrings at home and donating 50% of the proceeds to SchoolBOX. Her earrings have been quite the hit at a few SchoolBOX events and she has decided to start selling them at a larger network outside of her friends and family.

There are two ways to get these earrings:

  1. Email Leila’s mom, Andrea Griggs:
  2. You can find Leila and her beautiful earrings on sale Dec 5 at the First Hand Fair in the Junction ( and on Dec 12 at the Dufferin Grove Park Winter Fair.

Thanks to Leila for her creativity and entrepreneurship. SchoolBOX is so proud that she is ‘Making Education Possible’ for the children of Nicaragua.

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