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February 2016 – SchoolBOX Nicaragua in the News

In February, SchoolBOX had a large contingent of students from around the country helping them put together educational packages for their partner communities. The youth were inspired to help those that were less fortunate.

Channel 2 in Nicaragua decided that this would be a great story to share around the country, so they decided to do a news story.

Check the news story report below.  Note that the report is in Spanish.

Quiero compartirles esta nota sobre School Box, ya había escuchado en un par de ocasiones sobre esta organización pero no sabía detalles del trabajo que realizaban, es realmente admirable! Quizas se animan a formar parte del voluntariado 🙂

Posted by Frida Montes on Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Nicaraguan student volunteers in the SchoolBOX office in Managua