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May 2016 – Reading Days are an Amazing Success!

SchoolBOX was so happy with the success of their reading days in 2015. Students at our partner schools danced, sang, and were transported to different worlds through books.

Our team prepares a specific program that teaches children to love reading. These programs entail reading books with expression and actions, while encouraging children to participate. The students love singing and dancing the ‘Hokey Pokey’ and watching our team act out books with puppets.

The activities and sessions are tailored towards specific age and grade levels so that they all get a unique experience.

SchoolBOX held 11 reading days in 2015, and they were such a success that they decided to hold 50 reading days in their partner schools in 2016.

As per May 18, 2016, SchoolBOX has held 24 Reading Days in their partner communities with a total of 2185 students participating.

Thanks to all of our amazing supporters for helping us make these reading days a rousing success!

Reading Day - Bella Vista_1
SchoolBOX’s Hector Ortiz singing and dancing the Hokey Pokey with students from the Bella Vista School in Telica

Reading Day - Los Velasquez_1
Carlos Garcia reads to a group of engaged students at the Los Velasquez School.