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February 2017 – SchoolBOX Canada in February Humm

Our newest program, SchoolBOX Canada was featured in the February 2017 “Volunteer Issue” of The Humm. In the article, Executive Director Sarah Kerr describes the vision behind SchoolBOX Canada as well as our plan to install a new library in a primary school on a Treaty 3 First Nations reserve in Northern Ontario this year.

As Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations get underway, we are mindful that there is still much work to be done on our home soil to address the education gap that still exists for First Nations students. High school graduation rates for First Nations students on reserve are just 35% compared to 85% graduation rate for the rest of Canadian students. In Treaty 3 territory, a third of schools do not have a library and those that do deal with outdated books and a lack of adequate training for teachers on how to use and care for the material effectively.

We plan to partner with Indigenous youth from our IYES Program to champion SchoolBOX Canada in their own communities in order to empower Indigenous children with the tools they need to receive a basic education.

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