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February 2017 – First Blocks for Rick’s Classroom

We laid the first blocks this past weekend at Rick’s Classroom in the community of La Ceibita, Nicaragua. The community came out in full force, including parents, teachers and students, to welcome a group of volunteers from the United States and Canada who are spending the next week building this new classroom. After an amazing welcome ceremony attended by community members, volunteers, a representative from the Ministry of Education and the Mayor of Tipitapa, everyone gathered at the site of the new classroom to lay the first blocks. What a celebration it was!

Rick’s Classroom represents hope for so many kids to get an education. The borrowed building they were previously learning in was cramped and poorly lit, and the owner needed it back, leaving the community without a school. The new classroom will be a lasting legacy of the life of Rick Mera. Rick was a light to everyone who knew him, and he was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Rick’s family and friends pulled together to make this beautiful tribute a reality!

First blocks ceremony at Rick’s Classroom in La Ceibita:

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The whole community came out to celebrate at the welcome fiesta:

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