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February 2017 – SchoolBOX Founder Tom Affleck visits Nicaragua

Our SchoolBOX Founder Tom Affleck is visiting Nicaragua this week, to spend time with our team and the children of our partner communities. During his trip, he will help to package school supplies alongside Nicaraguan volunteers, take part in the first bricks ceremony at Josefa Toledo School, visit our build projects at La Ceibita and Cristo Rey, and take part in a Reading Day at Gilberto Siles School.

SchoolBOX started 10 years ago when Tom gave two little girls a notebook and pencil. That moment ignited his desire to make a difference through education in Nicaragua. Starting from those humble beginnings, SchoolBOX has now built 83 classrooms and is constructing 14 more in 2017! Tom’s dream and determination started it all, but our work has continued thanks to the thousands of volunteers and supporters in Canada, the US, and abroad who believe in our mission to ‘Make Education Possible’ for Nicaragua’s most vulnerable children.

Tom visits La Ceibita to give the children their annual educational packages from SchoolBOX:
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Tom on the construction site of Rick’s Classroom in La Ceibita:
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Tom with children and SchoolBOX Staff in Nicaragua:
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