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March 2017 – Providing over 18,000 children with supplies in 2017

In Canada, many children are already counting down the days until summer holiday, but in Nicaragua the start of a new school year has just begun. SchoolBOX is distributing over 18,000 educational packages in 2017 to children in impoverished communities. We are working to eliminate this simple barrier to education for so many children and families in Nicaragua. No family should have to make the decision between feeding their children or sending them to school!

Slowly, the graduation and literacy rates for Nicaraguan children are rising, and we are happy to play a role in these positive results. Empowerment does not happen over night, but each year of education a child receives brings them closer to realizing their full potential as members of their community and citizens of our world.

Each SchoolBOX educational package contains notebooks, pencils, coloured pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, and eraser. We also provide the teachers at each of our partner schools with supply packages which contain pencils, pens, whiteboard markers and eraser, and notebooks.

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SchoolBOX distributed educational packages to smiling kids at Ruben Dario School and Las Pilas School last week:

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