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March 2017 – Amazing March Break family group builds at Josefa Toledo

Winter may have raged on in Canada, but our March Break family group had to contend with extreme heat during their 10-day volunteer trip to Nicaragua! They helped to build the Josefa Toledo School in Chinandega, very close to the Honduran border. They made amazing progress on the three classroom project, and made some lasting memories while they were at it!

The group consisted of four families, from Toronto and Ottawa. With 7 adults and 10 children ranging in age from primary school all the way to high school, they were truly great SchoolBOX ambassadors and a joy to work with. The children of the community in Chinandega had a blast playing soccer, doing crafts, and making friends with our Canadian youth volunteers. Our construction crew also appreciated the hard work of our volunteers, who helped to dig holes through rock, build rebar columns, finish all the footings, and shovel tonnes of rock and sand from our truck to make concrete!

The group was also able to visit three of our partner schools to deliver school supply packages to the students. It was a remarkable week, and we are so grateful for our volunteers who are ‘Making Education Possible’ in Nicaragua. Read all about the March Break experience in this fantastic article written by Kim Trimboli, on pages 4 and 5 of the Knox Reader.

Highlights of a great week:

The Bloom family shows off their hole-digging-muscles:
Bloom family Knox

The whole crew ties rebar to reinforce the classroom walls:

Susan Griffin and her two daughters demonstrate girl power!

The Folz boys challenge the students to a game a soccer: