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April 2017 – Rick’s Classroom at La Ceibita officially inaugurated

Classroom inaugurations at SchoolBOX are always special. They mark the day when students finally get to learn in the safe and dignified conditions that they deserve. For many parents and community members, the inauguration of a new classroom also signifies hope that their community is not forgotten and their children have the chance of a brighter future.

The inauguration of La Ceibita on April 27th was all of those things and more. The community threw an incredible fiesta complete with speeches, decorations, music, and a ribbon cutting. Everyone watched with excitement as a flat bed truck full of desks and chairs arrived at the new school, painted bright blue and ready for the students to use them! The representative from the Ministry of Education was on hand to say some words of encouragement and gratitude, and reporters from the Nicaragua TV channel 10 covered the event. SchoolBOX was also thrilled to welcome the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Tipitapa to join the celebration and see the transforming effect that the new school is having on the rural and remote community.

This is the same community that up until February 2017, never had a school building of its own. Children were learning in a borrowed building that was reclaimed by its owner, threatening the future of their education. Their situation was tenuous and many school-aged children simply did not attend school because of this.

SchoolBOX is grateful to the incredible group of volunteers, who worked so hard this February on building La Ceibita and encouraging its kids to go to school. They built this classroom in memory of Rick Mera, husband of Janelle Wilkins and a friend to many. In recognition of the light Rick was in their lives, they wanted that light to carry on in the lives of hundreds kids who will attend this school that bears Rick’s name.

Ronald and Jazmin of SchoolBOX with the Principal of La Ceibita (left) and the Ministry of Education representative (center right):

New desks and chairs being brought into the new school!

And the completed classroom: