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May 2017 – The Skool Project documentary crew visits Nicaragua

From May 15-20th, The Skool Project film crew toured Nicaragua with our team to tell the SchoolBOX story for their documentary! Check out The Skool Project website to see how they are using storytelling and film to “Reimagine education for a new world”.

Highlights from this busy week were the opportunity for our Director Ronald Chavarria and our Programs Manager Jazmin Lopez to tell their personal stories of overcoming poverty in one generation through education. They have dedicated their lives to SchoolBOX, and their mission to give hope to children just like them who struggle to access a basic education in Nicaragua. They know that education provides hope and a better future and it is absolutely remarkable to have their story told to the world!

Stay tuned for updates on when the documentary will be released.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the week of filming: