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May 2017 – USGE volunteer group digs in at Josefa Toledo

A group of 6 enthusiastic volunteers arrived in Nicaragua on May 26th, to begin their 10-day volunteer experience with SchoolBOX! We are so excited to host this team from USGE (Union of Solicitor General Employees), who also generously funded a classroom at the Gilberto Siles School last fall. The team is led by Stan Stapleton, President of USGE.

The group received a huge welcome to the community of El Puma, with cultural dances by the students and speeches by teachers and community leaders to kick off the week. Despite challenging heat, the team spent the weekend digging trenches around the new classrooms, so that a concrete walkway can be laid. Volunteers carried buckets of water by hand into the site, to be used to mix the concrete. Many hands make light work!

SchoolBOX is grateful to Stan and USGE for making education possible in Nicaragua for hundreds of children through the classroom funded last fall and the classrooms at Josefa Toledo they are currently helping to build. Stan shared a few insights from his volunteer experience so far:

“The people are warm and friendly. The children are enthusiastic and engaging. I have spoken to a number of them and like children everywhere they have dreams of becoming Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and so much more. SchoolBOX is part of those dreams and in a small way so is USGE and all the volunteers.”


We can’t wait to see their progress by the end of the trip!

USGE President Stan Stapleton pitches in to build the school:

Welcome Fiesta at Josefa Toledo School:

Volunteers ‘dig in’ at the build site: