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June 2017 – Westwind bake sale raises almost $1300 for Little Bricks

Westwind Public School in Stittsville was filled with the sounds of excited grade six students and the smell of delicious baked goods on Thursday, June 22nd as the school held its ‘Who is Nobody?’ social justice fair. The annual fair is designed to get grade six students thinking about the potential they have to make an impact in the world. Students started by choosing their

Students started by choosing their favourite charitable cause to support, and then created a poster and presentation to share with other students at the fair which took place in the Westwind School gym. Many students participated in the fair, contributing a total of 109 volunteer hours and raising a collective total of almost $12,000 through their efforts.

Laura Bond, a teacher herself at Westwind School, organized a bake sale to accompany the all-day event with all proceeds going to build the Flor de Sacuanjoche classroom in Nicaragua through the local charity SchoolBOX. Bond will travel to Nicaragua with her two sons later this summer as part of a volunteer team calling itself “Little Bricks”. The Bond family will help build a new classroom for primary school students in an impoverished Nicaraguan community.

Why the name ‘Little Bricks’? Bond explained that, “Each cement brick added to the new classroom contributes to making it a safe and secure structure for the students to learn in. Every little brick counts”.

For Bond and her sons, this will be an eye opening experience and a chance to see the real-life impact that their fundraising efforts can have in the lives of deserving kids. By the end of the school day, Bond’s bake sale raised $1300 for SchoolBOX and the Flor de Sacuanjoche classroom.

Bond commented that, “As a teacher, I have always valued the importance of education in both creating opportunity and in contributing to the development of an economically sound society. We have such an incredible education system, and structures in place to provide a comfortable learning space. I recognize it is a privilege my sons can’t quite comprehend having never known it any other way. It is our goal to pay it forward this July by helping, in our small way, to bring the opportunity of education to a country that needs our help.”

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