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July 2017 – Planning new library for Wabauskang First Nation

SchoolBOX is embarking on its first ever partnership with an Aboriginal community in Canada to install a brand new library!

Sarah Kerr, Executive Director of SchoolBOX visited the Wabauskang First Nations reserve in Northwestern Ontario last month where she was hosted by Terri Meekis and met with community leaders to determine the location, needs, and other important details of the community’s first library. To learn more about the vision for this project, read our article in the Millstone News!

Terri Meekis, an Anishinaabe woman and mother of three, and IYES Ambassador, is working closely with Sarah to make this library a reality. Terri lives in the Wabauskang community and knows first hand the challenges that children face to get an education. The community currently does not have either a library or a school and her kids travel over an hour outside the reserve to access primary education. To donate to SchoolBOX’s library project, click the button below.

Terri and her 10-year-old daughter Kiera will also be traveling to Nicaragua in August with SchoolBOX, to help build a new classroom and share their Indigenous culture with the students and teachers there. They are part of a group of 10 Indigenous youth from across Canada participating in our 3rd IYES volunteer experience. To learn more about IYES, click here.

Kiera Cameron from Wabauskang First Nations attends school at Ear Falls Public School, over an hour outside of her community.

Wabauskang First Nation is located in Treaty 3 territory, about 1 hour from Dryden, Ontario.